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All - I am planning on running the Bear Creek 10 mile trail Sunday, November 22 at 8:00am. Come on out and join me. All are welcome, even if you are not planning on running Bear Creek. Be sure to bring some type of hydration system. I use a hand held bottle, others use camel backs, Nathian hydration packs, fuel belts, etc. What ever works best for you. Also, no littering on the trail.

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Sabrina: this is personally - my favorite race. Last year my first time running it, with very limited trail running experience - it was definitely a lot of fun!
hello kevin , run happy and others :
southern willis river trail looks good as of 22 nov /

see you'll on 6 dec.

h b radar
Thanks everyone for all of the reassurance. I am going to run it and just take my time.
The "Dudette" will be cheering you on like crazy on race day:) Remember-you can do anything you want to. Go get'em girl!!!!!!!
Dudette: you'll be crazy alright. You'll be running like crazy from The Creature From The Black LAGOON after you run out of pencils from throwing them at him. Yeah critter......"Go get dat girl"!!!!
Unless you can drive a stick shift, better be careful about sending creatures after me. Might be a mighty long and cold walk back from Cumberland:)
Dudette: that long walk won't be half as bad as your long, cold, mucky crawl out of dat der swamp!!!! Gee, you'd probably have to take 3-4 hot blasting showers, water full blast just to get all that black muck off you. And forget your running shoes.....they'd be lost forever. Me, I'd just stick out the ole thumb and I'd be back in Richmond in no time, sipping on a cold brew!!!!

Might want to be careful on sticking out that ole thumb. Those ladies that you scared to death with the "Swamp" stories may just run you right over as they leave Cumberland:).
Dudette: LOL, you got a point there!!!??? Mabe I'll ask Kevin O'Connor to keep you as far away from that swamp as physically possible so you don't get ourselves in any trouble. Hey I got an idea: you can post yourself at the deepest creek and hand out snorkle and fins to any runner who feels they need it!!! And if anyone really needs it.....a life vest.
Sabrina: I'll bring an extra pair of shoes and socks for you just in case "the swamp" eats up the pair that possibly but probably won't get sucked off your feet. I mean the chances are probably 30% on a mild day but 70% on a cold day (see Gary Hearn's post). Fins and snorkel are also available for the creek crossings and I could also bring you a bag of bread crumbs too. LOL :) Anything to you help out just ask!!!



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