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-toy run, done! mission accomplished. thanks to all for being part of bpg and your help at the race.


-detention run, princess tenderfoot still out, wolfie, in charge, 6p


-rivah run, 6a

-bpg bike ride, 6p


-bpg social hour, pit bull is in charge of this one. TBA


-bpg group runs, 7a


-long run?

-bpg bike ride, time TBA

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Hey there Colleen, I'm Newbie April- I was told I need to meet you since I am signed up for my first marathon (Shamrock on 3/18)... you doing Rock'n'Roll?  I may be looking to do some longer runs soon.  Looking forward to officially meeting you next weekend :)

I am doing R&R on 3/17 up in DC.  My first full too.  I usually start out w/ the Libbie Loop folks then tack on more miles.    I believe Ralph is doing the Shamrock full too so there will be a few of us putting in the extra mileage. 

See you Saturday!

April and Colleen,

Not sure what marathon I am doing that weekend (either Shamrock or Instant Classic Marathon at Pocahontas) but yes I am ramping up the long runs.  Looks like we should train together. 

How many do you all want to do on Saturday?

I'm down for anything between 10k and 10 miles.  What do you guys have planned? 

Not sure what the deal is with the cookie run, that would be my only hesitation.  I can do 10 if you want.  Do you have a training schedule or are you winging it?

17 or 18.  Need to stick to a pretty flat route because of my ankle.

bpg bike ride at 9a, at west creek

Was that BPG Ralph Gibbs winning the Male Team Award at the Xmas Tree 10K?  Team of One....

Congrats if so.  Results say BGM Men as All Male winner but think they should say BPG Men.

Yes, Ralph did win the Men's Team division.  He was apparently ran so fast nobody could run with him. 

Sounds like there's a typo in the results.

I was a team of one.  Luckily, there were no other men's team.  I'll take it. 



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