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Woo in traction!

Sara in traction!

Sarge in traction!

Rambo in traction!

Gunny just happy she can walk the day after!



Bike Ride?



Detention Run, 6pm



Rivah Run, 6am

Bike Ride



TGIF - Start of the holiday weekend.

Hmmmmm.....could we kick it back again this week?



Group Runs, 7am

Autism 5K, 8am

UFC Outing - stay tuned.....



Long Run, TBA

Bike Ride - Iffy, especially with a UFC outing starting at 9pm




Memorial Day - To those past and present, thank you for your service!

Could be a better choice for the bike ride


Thanks again to Edwin for sponsoring the Run Like a Girl 8k/5k yesterday.  It was a fun event and awesome to see so many females taking it to the trails.

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Post Ride Report - All is great. Rambo surprisingly is not in traction today. Ready to get back on the bike. Storming Thunder Ridge has posted May 20, 2012 as next year's date. I recommend this ride. Time to start training.
I'm there with u!  

BPG and UFC! What a combo!

Saturday, 7:30 @ Bailey's on West Broad. $5 cover, fights start @ 9pm - but space will be limited with no reservations. Post here if you want to join the fun!

Wednesday Night Detention Run: 6pm Westmoreland/Grove. 6 miles. It's going to be hot but that's not an excuse to not come out and run with us! Please be sure to bring hydration and a smile!


I'd like to join in on the Rivah run tomorrow morning.

Do you meet in the Stratford Hills shopping center near 150 or Hathaway Rd?

Hathaway Rd near Benny's.  Glad to hear you're coming.  The more, the merrier!


Detention Run Report: Great turnout tonight to get a taste of what summer is going to be like running in the heat! There was Hot Rod, Wolfie, Matt, Edwin, Sarge, Brooke, Karen, Mikey, I Fred, newbie Emily (another teacher!), Angela, Ralph, Kim, and Jerzee Sara. Everyone brought their smile! Thanks for coming out!!
Hey...I was there too.  LOL

Intermediate group meeting 7AM Sat for 5-8 miles at 10-11 min/mile pace

See Max at the start

Thursday Rivah Run Report: Earth Science Day, as wildlife lecture was presented to all. No bluebirds or bears today, but plenty of squished frogs and snakes on the road. New Rivah Runner Andrew, M&M Levins and Wolfie, Sara, Ned and I ran roads to trails to roads. Casper sighting, but no Edwin. Next Thursday... preview of Stratford Hill's 10K. All are invited!
Xterra will be here in 3 short weeks.  I'm going to run the Buttermilk/Northbank for anyone that's interested.  Leaving the park at 7 AM on Saturday.

We ran the Double Xterra this morning, with RR in the lead at first, Buttermilk to Northbank, Erin, Brian, Sara, Wolfie, and me following. Then the Wolf led us astray, my first time crossing under the north end of the Boulevard Bridge. Isn't this where Chevy saw a big cat several years ago? Meow! We lost Double R, found the RR Crossing and took the tracks to a snake trail that led to the Pump House and a surprised great blue herron. Nine miles in all. Great fun! RR wasn't so lucky, fell behind, and crossed the railroad tracks after conversing the canal, eight miles in all, wearing five finger vibrams! On the bright side, no ticks, snake bites, or poison ivy... at least I haven't noticed any.



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