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Woo in traction!

Sara in traction!

Sarge in traction!

Rambo in traction!

Gunny just happy she can walk the day after!



Bike Ride?



Detention Run, 6pm



Rivah Run, 6am

Bike Ride



TGIF - Start of the holiday weekend.

Hmmmmm.....could we kick it back again this week?



Group Runs, 7am

Autism 5K, 8am

UFC Outing - stay tuned.....



Long Run, TBA

Bike Ride - Iffy, especially with a UFC outing starting at 9pm




Memorial Day - To those past and present, thank you for your service!

Could be a better choice for the bike ride


Thanks again to Edwin for sponsoring the Run Like a Girl 8k/5k yesterday.  It was a fun event and awesome to see so many females taking it to the trails.

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I'm walking Saturday morning at the park if anyone wants to join me 7:00 am

Autism 5k Report -



Gotta thank Sara for those fast detention runs and Ray for the pace he sets on our Tuesday and Friday morning run from work!

And thanks to everyone else in the group for your encouragement and camaraderie!

Philippians 4:13!

Official time 24.49. Thank goodness for that .1 mile, it makes that time still a sub 8.  (Hey, I'll count nanoseconds if I have to.)


ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH, I finished 4th in my age group and out of 3rd by 4 seconds and 2nd by 12 seconds.  I sure don't recall seeing anyone that close to me that looked as old as I did or I would have tried to trip them.  Man, I want a podium finish!  Oh well, I did beat the little kid I was chasing!


Thanks Max and Double R for the props.

Way to go Ralph!  Great job ; ]

Intermediate report:

Katie, George and Max did between 5-8 miles on a day where it felt like the heat is getting up there.

Good run everyone and congrats to Ralph on the Autism 8K.

DeLacy, Where are you? How did the run go? Details...

  'til next week...

My race was pretty good!  I think things went well considering I didn't know anything about the elevation changes of the course and it was sorta hot.  I ended up with a 2:28:13.  I'll tell y'all all about it next week!
Fantastic effort DeLacy, congrats!

Trail Run Report - today we had Bert, Michael, Sara, Erin, and Brian.  We did the Buttermilk/Belle Isle hill/Northbank route.  That was, until I got seperated and lost.  From what I heard, the rest of the group got a little lost as well.  I did 8, and I heard they did 9. 

Congrats to Ralph.  I told you yesterday you'd do 25, and you even beat that.  Way to go.

Sounds like you all had fun though.  Based on my results in the Conquer the Cove 25k next Saturday, I may sign up for the Xterra Half.  It would be fun (is that the right word?) to link up North Bank, Belle Island, Buttermilk, Forest Hill Park and Buttermilk (again) Trails.


Thanks for the encouragement Ray, I am tickled with my results. 

I know a bunch of you did them today, but is there any interest in doing the trails tomorrow morning?  I'd like park in the gravel lot by Tredegar Iron Works (near the foot bridge to Belle Isle) and cross the foot bridge, around Belle, the wooden bridge, Buttermilk, cross Nickle Bridge, loop under, behind Maymont, North Bank and then back to Tredegar. All told, it is a little over 7.3 miles.


If anyone is interested, let me know or just show up.  I plan to start at 6:45 to beat the heat and because I have church.

No Sunday run tomorrow - all the regulars are out of town or have other plans.



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