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-rabbit, rabbit!

-election day, go vote

-wednesday nite run, 6p

-thursday am run, 6a


-bpg runs, 7a, various distances, various paces, from beginner to advanced
-get ready for the darkness of standard time, set your clocks back, enjoy your extra hour.

-the 8k, half and full marathon draw near. do we want a pre race psych up meal at picola's?
-nyc marathon

personal lights, reflective gear, common sense, and caution are greatly recommended.

run leaders or contacts will post distances and paces later on.

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it's all done and over with.

from the live blog:

Goumri 4th in 2:10:50, Kwambai 5th in 2:11:29, Meb 6th in 2:11:30.

Kipkosgei 3rd in 2:10:39.

Mutai second in 2:09:17.

Gebremariam is the 4th debutant to win the men's race.

Gebre Gebremariam wins in 2:08:14.

ritz was 8th in 2.12.

women's winner was kiplagat in 2.28.19 and shalane flanagan2nd in 2.28.39. not bad for her debut at the event and for being pale and freckled (jones, take note).
oops. nbc network coverage is on from 2-4p.
Shalane was also rocking the white OxySocks. Nearly indisguishable from her own skin tone. She's my hero!
she would not have worn those if she had seen the pick from colonial half.

still, she could pave the way for us women's marathoning, in spite of her paleness and spf 10000.



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