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Even BPG takes a winter break from training after all the great fall performances, so secret track is over for 2008.
thanks to the Menace for a great season of suffering!

See below for this week's special runs:

tues: ( NOTE the change of night due to Thanksgiving)
brooke's blinkie light run, 6p, grove and westmoreland, 6p

-river run, 5.30a

Turkey Trot RACE If you didn't sign up in time, come volunteer. Also, bring peanut butter for the food drive!!!

-bpg group runs, 7-8 mile Libbie Loop, 7a, beginners/recreational, intermediates at 7.30a.

-long run, TBA. we'll be doing some trails and 10-12 mile options thoughout December for those nutty diehards. Send route suggestions to elaine pls

As always, reflective gear and blinkie lites are encouraged. awareness of your surroundings and caution are a good thing when running, particularly in the dark. let's be careful out there. Watch out for the big cat on the prowl...probably getting hungry by now!

From now through the end of 08, this public service announcment will be made by me to give the regular announcers a well deserved break. Let me know of changes due to holiday events...PEACE to all. Elaine

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BTW...I'm old so I will be tracking run reports on the old board for now...this copy was to make sure everyone saw the message.



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