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Brrrrr, it was a cold weekend!



Still thawing?

Too bad....



Detention Run, 6pm



Rivah Run, 6am

BPG Bike Ride, 5:30pm at Westcreek or get there when you can.  Raba leaves out of there at 5:30 and duie training teams starts at 6pm.



Kick back, it's been a long and cold week.



BPG Group Runs, 7am

RRRC Banquet, 6pm for those attending.

BPG alternative activity


Also, if you are running Shamrock and have not signed up for a team, you still have time.  Just contact the race director and ask to be added to a BPG team.  We have a team for each race.

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Looking at the Frostbite results, it looks like most of the runners of the BPG brought home hardware.  Congrats to all!  A special shout-out to Mike Levins, who rarely gets to race, for his hardware!
Thanks, Sarge.  I guess I should have checked earlier this week.  Good news is rather than hardware, it is a small towel.   Something that doesn't collect dust and I might actually use.

Wednesday Night Detention Run: 6pm Westmoreland/Grove. 5.5 or 8 mile options. Come on out and run with us! Yes, it probably will be raining, but it will be fun to splash around in some puddles!

Still deciding on this week...I don't mind running in the rain, in the spring, summer, or fall.  In 40 degree weather, hmmm still thinking about it.  May be a treadmill day.  We will see...
I am going to head to the gym, cold rain just isn't for me ; (
Let's get soggy!  I'll be there!
Alright well I have decided there is nothing appealing about running in the cold rain, so therefore tonight's run is a wash! sorry!!

Thursday rivah run 6am from Stratford Hills...rain should have stopped before morning and 29/30ish will feel balmy after running last weekend.


Blinkie lights and smile suggested...5 and 7 mile options.

Due to school closings and predicted low attendance....RIVAH RUN IS AT 6:30 am NOT 6:00...sleep in
My apologies if anyone showed up to run at 6:30....I attempted to run up there and road was too icy for me.  I'm on the eliptical in front of the tv.
It was dangerous out there, but one hard head ran 3 miles before deciding ice hockey needs skates. No injuries to report!
Who's up for 16 miles this Saturday at a 9 to 10 pace?  Anyone...?  Anyone...?  Bueller...?  Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on?



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