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Why does the weekend go by so fast????



Rabbit, rabbit!



Detention Run, 6pm



Rivah Run, 6am

BPG Bike Ride, 5:30pm



Time to start thinking about our monthly social hour.



BPG Group Runs, 7am.  Menace will not be in da house, he will be at the Holton 5K.

Holton 5K, 9am.  For you speedsters Holton is offering prize money!  Fastest male and female will receive $250 each.  The fastest Richmond City teacher will receive $100.

BPG Bike Ride at WC, say 1pm'ish?



Long run, TBA

Bike Ride at WC, 9am






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Yay for my first inclusion in the Libbie Loop!  And thank you SO much Anne and George for sticking with me through my stupid side cramp  :)
You did GREAT Delacy and we loved running with you--!! Nice to have the company and catch-up! Good luck with your runs this week before the big race!
Happy Birthday Sabrina and Sara (aka "Richmond's Fastest Teacher!")
Sorry for the late notice - Don't know if anyone will be running from the River Road Starbucks this morning at 8:00. I injured myself last week, so I won't be there. Will be running a few miles from home instead.
Bruno and I showed up and ran 6 with the River Road Starbucks crew which included Lucky and faithful companion. Lucky was somewhat distracted on Riverside though. Spring is in the air! Happy BPG March Birthdays! May your Spring be filled with PR's!
Thanks for the birthday wishes and Happy Birthday to Richmond's Fastest Teacher - go Sara!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!! and happy birthday Sabrina!



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