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Where did the weekend go?  Back to the grind....



RRRC Farewell to Ed and Karen, 5:30pm



Detention Races, 6pm



Rivah Run, 6am



BPG Group Runs, 7am



Hello Friday!!!!



Huguenot 3 Miler, 9am

Long Run, tba

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Wednesday Night Detention Run: 6pm Westmoreland/Grove. 6 miles. Anyone who wants to run more can join me after for a few more. Everyone is welcomed to come run with us!

Shamrock is coming up soon!  We have a BPG Mens team for the Half Marathon.  It's all set - we have Brian, Keith, Donald, Edwin, Devin, & JD.  The race is full, but if anyone else has signed up and want's to join the team, just let me know and we'll see about getting you added!  (Elaine and Rosie know the right people)
There is also an 8K team.  If you would like to be added to that team please post here.  Also, the 8k and marathon still have openings if you have not signed up for any of the Shamrock races.
I am running in the the 8k and the Marathon.  Please add me to the team.
Thanks!  It's gonna be a challenging and exciting weekend for me!  All this training will finally come to fruition.
Raise your hand if you're running at 6am on Thursday morning along the RIVAH.  Elaine will not be there.  Please carry on and enjoy the run!

This hand is raised for the Casperless rivah run after a brutal track workout this evening. Come back soon friendly ghost! 

Detention Run Report: HUGE turnout tonight for Ed's Farewell Detention Run! Everyone wanted to run with him one last time! Running tonight was the father Rod, Sarge, Ed, Edwin, Brooke, Bruno, Ned, Karen, Erin, Alexis, I Fred, Brian, Kim, Jen, JD, and Jerzee Sara. It was a really nice run! Thanks everyone for coming out! Ed, you will be missed by LOTS of people. The Detention Run def. will miss your awesome sense of humor and jokes! NC is lucky to be getting you!

Intermediate group to meet on Sat for 5+ miles of smiles (or whatever you might desire).

I plan on running the mini-Libbie loop, then going down Pump house road and across the river (maybe to the fire station) and back for about 10-ish miles

See you there


The Mad one

I won't be there since I am doing the Huguenot 3 Miler on Sunday. I will be back in a couple of weeks.

Good luck on the 3 miler, you know how/where to find us.

Look forward to your return.



I'm going to try to make it tomorrow morning but James and I are going to the MCV winter ball tonight so 7am may come a bit too early.  I haven't been able to run all week due to to the top of my foot hurting so I feel like I really need these miles!



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