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Thank you very much for running or walking in this year’s Christmas Tree Charity 10k. Along with exceeding our 2010 donation ($2,500) to the Christmas Mother by nearly $1000, thanks to your kindness & sweat this winter we’re also able to make donations to our high school’s Invisible Children fund & breakfast program (to help less-fortunate students afford meals). The results posted on the Commonwealth Timing web site are slightly different from the results posted below. The results below are the correct versions. Thanks again & Merry Christmas!

2011 age-group awards results: click here

2011 full results: click here

2011 team results: click here

2011 race photos: click here 


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It was interesting to see the name Finn Pincus in the results. I remember him from his days at UVA and he has done wonders with the running program at Roanoke College.

And we hope he can spread the word of our race out into Southwestern Virginia. Take care and thank you!

It was a great race...nice trails, beautiful scenery, & awesome perks!  The course was well maintained with roots well-marked.  I love the hills; it made for a very challenging 10K.  The Panera bagels after the race were so yummy.  It was nice to sit inside for the awards.  The raffle prizes were amazing...wish I had won something!  Thanks for an excellent morning!  We went back to the Christmas Tree Farm today and cut down a tree.  I told the guy how much we liked running through his farm.  A big congrats to all the race coordinators - Elliot, Paul, and others!

Thank you for an outstanding race!   First year I have entered, will definitely be back next year.

Thank you for a great race!! It was well organized and well marked--lots of fun!

After looking at the results, I saw that I won my age group (women, 26-31), but I couldn't make it to the awards ceremony after. Is there any way to pick it up sometime this week?

Thank you!

Meg Sauve

Hey Meg,

Congratulations! What place did you earn a trophy in your particular age group? Take care.


Thank you, Elliot!  I placed first in my age group (26-31) and 4th female overall. Thank you!


Found it. It is here @ PHS waiting for you!

Oh great! Where should I go at the school? Just ask for you? 

I can have it up at the front office waiting for you. May I please have your full name so I may write it on a "sticky note"? Take care.

It's Margaret Sauve. I'll come by later this afternoon most likely. Thank you!

There are sticky notes with your name and Ms. Krawczyk on your 1st place and her 2nd place trophies. Congratulations! We hope to see you again next year. Each year we are working to improve on an existing theme. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc....



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