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Some surprising research . . .here is a link to an interesting article forwarded from Tom and Aaron:

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It would be interesting to see a profile of their overall health (which is not the same as running ability), or life expectancy on this diet... is this a derivative of a typical Kenyan diet? And how much does a typical Kenyan diet influence the life expectancy of a Kenyan in Kenya, which the internet tells me is 58?
I agree, Chevy, that there is much more to be considered than running ability; life expectancy and overall health are important factors.
eating habits should be chosen by the individual, based on what makes them feel energized, what works with their stomachs, etc. It is trial and error and so personal. I hate reading magazine articles that have these 1500 calorie diets in them. The food they offer is nothing I would personally want to eat or fix. My relationship and dialogue with my doctor about my diet is the clincher for me. Personally I run better and have basically no injuries the lighter my weight. This is for me, though, since all I do is run and do not bike, swim or weight train. Life expectancy is so important to me, which is why it is important for me to avoid secondhand smoke, stress and toxic stuff and to be vigilant in having all of the preventative tests I can.



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