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Any update on hurricane for the weekend?  Will Patrick Henry half be ahead of its arrival.  Reports I have seen say arrival Sat-Sun but not time of day noted?

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It may be cloudy and breezy on Saturday morning.  Then again, it might be sunny, hot and humid.  I doubt that a hurricane would hit Richmond this weekend.  By the time Irene arrives in the area, if it arrives at all, it will probably be a breezy, rainy event...perfect running conditions.
Ros Runner from NBC 12 (we are supposed to trust him because his last name is Runner amirite!??!) just posted on his Facebook that it is possible we could see strong winds and rain this weekend but didn't give a time frame.
I badgered him a bit on Facebook and he predicts there will be more light rain Saturday morning and the heavy stuff (if it comes) won't be til later Saturday evening. 
Thanks, I know at this point they are doing their best guess.  Hopefully it holds off to Sat. PM.  I saw a prediction of Sat hit in South Carolina on local NBC 12, but when they said it might move up to Va they never mentioned a time or date?  Why did I care when it hit SC?

Now they are saying it may hit more towards Wilmington, NC on Saturday evening.   Who knows!?  It's a hurricane.   I certainly didn't expect to be stuck in my car for 4 hours on a 15 minute drive home from work when Gaston hit...  so there isn't much we can really rely on.  :) 


Though, I will be out with the HMTT on Saturday morning and will welcome a little rain.  Gusting winds are another thing altogether. 

If they can't get the 24 hour weather forecast right, what would makes us believe that they can precisely predict what is going to happen in 5 days? Regardless of the weather on Saturday, we will have weather, sunshine or rain, it's all good, we need the rain, and a little tail wind on race day won't hurt. Bring it on Irene !

Breezy, rainy, nice for you young/fast guys.  I'm a sun loving, slogger.  And that tail wind could be a forty mph headwind........But "Irene" is my Mom's name so maybe she will be nice to me......


see ya thar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latest I heard for Richmond is center of storm arriving 8:00 AM Sunday with heavier storms east of Interstate 95.


Local NBC 12's Andrew Friedman, a runner and biker BTW, did say possible rains could be here Sat. AM ahead of the main storm, specifically mentioning the PH Half.  He may have been giving us the worst case senario?


We'll see.


Here's latest from Dominion's Storm Center.


The Dominion Weather Center is closely monitoring Hurricane Irene, which has the potential to make landfall late Saturday afternoon along the Carolina coast. Forecasts show Irene becoming a Category 3 hurricane on Wednesday (sustained winds of 111-130 mph), and strengthening to a Category 4 (sustained winds of 131-155 mph) by Thursday evening. The weather center anticipates that the storm will weaken slightly before making landfall on Saturday.


A tropical storm run would be nice if the temperatures remain above 70 and the winds not strong enough to topple trees.  Is there any news of groups canceling their Saturday runs?

I keep getting frustrated with local weather reports.  It looks like center of storm will arrive after the race, if at all.

But I wish the weather people would say when we might first see the rains typically ahead of the main storm?


Come on WWBT, WRIC, WTVR - go out on a limb..... we get more race reporting when one of the stations sponsors an event.  I usually watch NBC so don't know how the other two have covered this.

The weather channel website will show you hourly forecasts up through race time.  They currentLY show 7-10am Saturday morning with a 30% chance of a few showers, temperatures in the low 70's and humidity of 100%.  Winds 11-15.  Of course that forecast will change.   Unless we get some of those showers, the low 70's and 100% humidity means SLOW DOWN, particularly if it is sunny. 



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