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Learned this morning at the Sweetheart race that there is a group of runners called the Midlothian Mafia getting together once a month to run in the Midlothian area. I'd like to know more about this group, possibly to run or walk with you and/or possibly to write an article about the group for Miles and Minutes.

What are the requirements for the group, where do you meet, where do you run, who are the organizers and participants, and what is your schedule for Spring?

Thank you for any information. Please reply via the message board. 

Mitzi Humphrey

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The Midlothian Mafia is a group of crazy runners in the Midlothian area. It's an informal running group, so there is not a formal training schedule. The group meets weekly and will post the weekly running schedule on the group Facebook page on Sundays. There is a group run on Saturdays, usually at 7am, and several group runs (morning and/or evening) during the week. Weekday runs times can vary, so check the postings. Runs usually start from either the Midlothian Y (weekdays) or the Midlothian Urban Farmhouse (Saturdays). Mileage usually ranges from 3 miles to whatever darn miles you want, depending on who is training for what. The runs cover a lot of Midlothian, and there are a variety of mileage options for the Saturday runs.

Most of the group will do one of the Sportsbackers training teams in the fall, so the Saturday runs will scale back (although there are still people meeting in Midlothian who are not doing Sportsbackers), and the weekday runs will follow the recommended miles for either a half or full marathon. Group members will train for a variety of races all year, so there is always someone wanting to run some kind of distance.

Paces range from 8-15 minutes per mile with most runners averaging 9-12 minutes per mile.

There are a lot of people involved in organizing the group runs. If you are on Facebook, we can invite you to the Facebook group.

Jennifer Levin

Thank you, Jennifer. Yes, I am on Facebook. Please invite me to the Facebook group.--Mitzi.

It is under 'Midlo Mafia'

Thank you, Theresa.

I imagine this group falling under the third definition of "mafia" in my unabridged dictionary: "often mafia [with lower case m, informal language]. A tightly knit group of trusted associates . . . ." --Mitzi.

nice job Jennifer


Consider posting your Mafia in the RRRC Group Runs page.

The instructions are here:

Please also check out our Group Run Calendar.

If your group could somehow fit under the format of that calendar, send me a note to


Sean McGrath


I would love an invite, how do I do this?

Thank you!

Hi Mitzi.  I am interested in joining the Midlothian Mafia running group. Can you invite me to the FB page?  My name is Angie Driver on FB.  I use my maiden name.

Thank you,

Angie D. Pollard 

Angie, there appear to be one or two main administrators to the Midlo Mafia page. If you're already on FB you can probably just do as I did and reply to Jennifer Levin or Theresa Gray at the links at the top of this thread. It sounds like a fun group enjoying running together at varying times and routes. I don't know if they replied to Sean McGrath's post above, but they often individually participate in our races, sometimes just in training for other races. Best of luck.--Mitzi

Thank you Mitzi.  I was searching Midlothian Mafia instead of "Midlo" Mafia on FB :)



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