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I recently began a 3 day per week marathon training and I'm in my 4th week. Any thoughts on running 3 days vs. 4?

By schedule, I'll be completing the training 2 weeks prior to Shamrock, lil anxious about actually being prepared. I've done a few 10 milers and one 1/2 marathon. Any thoughts, comments, concerns, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I am training for the shamrock 1/2 as well, and am only running three days per week as I need 48 hours recov in between runs due to some arthritis in my ankles. I am ahead of the training schedule, and am running two five mile runs and a long run. But I am also cross training two days per week (spinning/kickboxing/eliptical) and stregnth training. So far, I have not had any problems, and my longest run has been about 8.5 miles. It is actually refreshing to do other activities, and I find that the cycling once a week really helps aleviate knee pain that I used to encounter when running.
thanx, for the feedback
Ask Tri-athletes, they only run 3 days a week and are amazing. This program of run 3 times a week "first" or "Ferman" (not sure of actual word) was published in Runners World. The man who came up with it did an actual study. He had people of different levels doing either the traditional (Hal Higdon) training and a group doing his 3 runs a week. His study found that those running the 3 days a week program not only successfully ran a marathon (some first timers) but experienced marathon runners ran PRs. All those in the study ran the same marathon, were of various age and of various experience levels as runners. A major key to this program is the run intensity is higher and you have to make sure you do the cross training. Many have found if you are injury prone that this program allows greater recovery and thus fewer injuries.

My only question for you, what do you mean the program ends two weeks before Shamrock? Do you mean you will be in taper phase? If not then I would adjust the program so that you finish it by running the marathon. ie Do the current week's schedule two weeks in a row.

While everyone is different this is a proven program that has worked for many. Have fun and best of luck at Shamrock.

Run Happy
Here's the link to the program (This is the advanced program, for a marathon, but you can look around the site and find what your looking for).

FIRST stands for Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training

I have no experience with this program, but I am resting a sore knee and this looks like its worth a try.
thanx, this is the same program
I'll begin tapering on 3/7, two weeks prior to Shamrock. Two questions: (1) Is this an adequate period for tapering? (2) What should tapering look like in regards to the runs?




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