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For those of you running Frostbite on 1/19.  I will be collecting donations for the care, support and future education of Meg Menzies' 3 surviving children. If any of you care to contribute, I have suggested $1.00 for every mile run.  With over 50,000 people signed up for this virtual run, it can make a huge difference. If any of you choose to participate, Thank you.

Donations can be made to:

Ashland Police Foundation, Inc.

601 England Street

Ashland VA  23005

Chief Goodman of the Ashland Police has assured that all donations will go directly to the Menzies' Family (note Menzies on memo line of checks). Meg's husband is a Police Officer in Ashland.  I will collect donations at packet pick up and at the race.

Thank you all very much,

Chuck Miffleton

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Thanks Chuck.   Appreciate the heads up and the opportunity to donate at the event.  

Many thanks to the participants in the Frostbite 15K.  We collected $507 at packet pickup today.  I will be at the race tomorrow as well.

Thanks again to all!!!

Thank you so much again.  The Frostbite 15K participants will be donating $673 to The Ashland Police Foundation to be used by Scott Menzies and his three children. Very glad and proud to have participated in this event (in one way or another) for the past 25 plus years.  It has been my pleasure, and I urge you all to continue as long as you can.  Nobody promises you a tomorrow, but dedicate yourselves to living the best quality of life possible while you are here, for yourself as well as your family.

Chuck, thank you and Terry for all your wonderful Frostbite 15K service and participation over the years. The races have always been a special winter treat, and I think Tom has been running most of them since the late 80's. My most vivid memory as a Frostbite volunteer is the waterstop in Byrd Park, volunteering with Dawn and Noelle DiBenedetto when it was so cold that the water froze in the cups and in the jug before we could offer it to runners.

Just mailed checks for almost $800 to The Ashland Police Foundation. Thanks Roadrunners. I don't think $1,000,000 worldwide is out of the question.



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