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Monthly Trail Run! 12-08-12! Closing Out A Year Of Fun In The Woods!

The December Edition of the Monthly Trail Run will take place on Saturday, 12-08-12, at 8AM!  The run is for those thinking about getting off of the roads and re-discovering how much fun a running workout can be!  We will introduce you to trail running while giving you a guided tour of the local trails.  If you haven't been on the James River trail system, then it needs to be on your "Must Do" list!  They are a WONDERFUL resource for runners, walkers, hikers and cyclists of all ages!  Remember:  Flora and Fauna!  No asphalt!  No cars!  Every step is a new and unique experience!

If you can hold a 10-minute per mile pace for 6-7 miles on the road, then you'd fit right in!  The run starts in the gravel parking lot off of Pump House Drive, immediately behind the Boulevard Bridge toll plaza.  We will be running some configuration of the James River system of trails.  Experienced trail runners will be there to enhance the experience.  Road running shoes are fine on these well-worn trails.  You may want to bring fluid to carry, as the park water is likely turned off by now.

Post-Run:  Bring something to drink and eat for after.  And be certain to allow 15-30 minutes after the run for socializing and sharing treats.  Most say that it the best part of tril running! 

Questions?  please respond below or call my cell...

Mark  804-651-5415

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If you are interested in Trail Running, might I invite you to run The Powhatan Christmas Tree 10K.

Either way, we hope you get out and enjoy trail running wherever you may decide to travel.

The Monthly Trail Run (MTR) advocates trail running for local and visiting  runners during each of the 12-months of the year.  We work together from month to month to develop trail running skills and cameraderie.  It is pure in construct.  There is no cost to the participants.  All that come out have an open friendly relationship with one another.  To the MTR participants:  I look forward to seeing you at Pump House Road at 7:45 next Saturday!

Elliott: As for trail running, I will be running David and Clark's Beast Series again in 2013.  Please let me know which of the Holiday Lake 50K++, Terrapin Mountain 50K, Promise Land 50K, Grindstone 100-Mile, Mountain Masochist 50-Mile and Hellgate 100K that you may be running.  I look forward to the opportunity to run with you there or "wherever you may decide to travel"...     



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