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Have you ever noticed who are the last runners to receive an age group award at races? Of course, our senior citizens. They wait the longest and receive their due when most folks have left. Perhaps our club race directors can set a fine example by doing what I've only witnessed once before. About 5 years ago race director Kevin O'Conner ( Salisbury 6k ) after awarding the overall top finishers, started the age group awards from the older runners on down. I'm not saying to go from the oldest to the youngest, but at least work your way down to the 55 age bracket. This process can also be suggested to race directors for contract races. Lead by example.

George Hedges

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This is such a great idea!!! The senior runners are truly wonderful people and amazing runners and definitely deserving of this. George, you are a thoughtful and kind person. Wishing you a lovely and happy Thanksgiving!



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