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RRRC Contract volunteers are needed for this Saturday's, TOMORROW, Holton 5k. We have 7 signed up and usually need 10 for a good size race.Be there at 8:30 (truck)whether you sign up online or not.

We are into the spring race season and RRRC has a contract race every every Saturday in March until the Monument 10k.  This Saturday's race still needs a few more volunteers.  The others only have 3 volunteers signed up in total.

Mar 3    Holton 5k, 9am (8:30) 

Mar 10  Benedictine\St Gertrude 5k, 9am (8:30)

Mar 17  Run for Robious 5k, 8am (7:30)

Mar 24  SPCA Dog Jog 5k, 9:30 (9:00)

RRRC is contracted to time the races so we need volunteers for the start/finish.  Race start times are above.  Be there 1/2 hour before the start (...).

Contract races are at the link below.  Plan ahead and sign up.
Link to contract races:

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Still need a couple volunteers for this Saturday's contract race, Holton 5k.

Holton is a good sized race, 325+, on a flat course so we need a good volunteer turnout to cover the finish line.

Still waiting for a couple more volunteers.  Sign up online and find the truck at the race.  As always, you can walk up to volunteer on race day.  No experience required.

Disclaimer:  Yes, I recruit for all races, but don't volunteer for all of them.  I will not be there tomorrow



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