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I was wondering if anyone in Richmond would be interested in starting up a Saturday morning "pub run". We used to do this back in Iowa, and it's a pretty good time. Basically, we'd meet at a pub/restaurant at 10AM or so on Saturday, then run (distances would vary for different levels), and then afterwards enjoy a few pints at the pub we met at. My buddy and I were thinking maybe Sine or Capital Ale House this Saturday (Capital Ale House has a fantastic 11AM - 7PM beer special). Is there anyone interested in joining us?


Just let us know by replying!

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Sounds like a great thing to start.  Can't make it this week but would be interested.  FYI, the Richmond Oktoberfest has a Beer Run 5K in September.  You runs from any of several "pubs" downtown, including Capital Ale, Sine, Legends and Penny Lane, stopping at each for a brew.  Entry fee of $15 get you T Shirt and ticket to Richmond Oktoberfest at later date.   Really an event vs. a race.


Check website at:


Your runs would be great training program for the OK5K!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah man I think it would be pretty cool. Most of the running groups have meetings while I'm at work (I work until 6), so I was looking for a chance to combine 2 of my favorite Saturday passtimes. Anyone else who is interested please let me know!


Richmond has its own chapter of the Hash House Harriers.....They even have an "unofficial" aid station around mile 24ish of the Richmond Marathon.  Below is their website.


Run Happy (but try to keep a straight line)

Yeah, those guys do the OK 5k - Drinkers with a running problem..........  their songs at each pub stop are great.
HI,  I'm new to Richmond and the RRRC, but this kind of group sounds right up my alley.  Would love to be included.
As of right now I'm not 100% sure it's going to happen tomorrow afternoon, but I will get back on here later this evening to confirm the time/place for anyone interested!
Sorry for the late response. Yeah I plan on meeting in front of Capital Ale House at say 10AM. Figure run for about an hour then have a beer or two. I can't drink too many because I have to meet a friend later in the afternoon. Hope to see you there!
I'd love to be a part of this if you do it again. Unfortunately I work every Saturday at 10AM.

How'd it go?  I'd be interested & know some others who would be as least until Marathon training starts on Saturdays.  So, if there's a plan for future runs, let me know.  I know they do a similar thing in Raleigh and its a lot of fun with a sponsor bar which would be awesome!



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