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To All RVA Endurance Runners/Power-Hikers: Summer 2017 TREMR! “Trail Really Early Morning Run”! Saturday, July 8, Run @ 2AM, Power-Hike @ 4AM!

Night Time, errr Early Morning Trail Running! Please read on only if you become excited at the announcement of a 2AM trail run, followed by a sit-down full breakfast that includes eggs, bacon, pancakes, bacon, coffee, bacon, juice, bacon, and draft beer…

What is REMR? The Really Early Morning Run, a.k.a. Baconfest, is a 2AM endurance run that I’ve hosted from my home since ‘07 or ‘08. There is one in February and one in July. It has been altered because of the excessive pre-run preparation needed at home, and me not wanting to spend the day before cooking up 10+ pounds of bacon. So now we’ve gone to “come-one come-all” and on the trails! So please read on…

Why TREMR? Because we can! But it’s not for everyone. I hear that some runners, yes runners, prefer to limit their adventures and stay within the safe confines of convention. Yikes! Fortunately there are about 1% of runners that hear of this type of opportunity and immediately say “Where do I sign up!” Is that you? If so, then we want you!

Summer TREMR 2017 is set for Saturday, 07/08/17, 02:00 (That’s the 2AM that comes shortly after Friday midnight!), and will take place on the James River trail system. The start/finish will be at the Tredegar/Belle Isle parking area under the elevated tracks. Still interested? Then please keep reading…

The Skinny: We will meet in the parking area at 01:45 for a pre-run briefing, followed by the National Anthem, and then we run. We will run a loop of NorthBank, Texas Beach, Buttermilk and Forest Hill Park and the TPot bridge (about 12 miles). The starting group of runners (usually 12-18) will certainly break up into smaller splinter groups based on speed and trail running familiarity.

Following the first loop, the runners will return to the cars to refuel/snack on supplies that we brought for ourselves. After that stop, those going longer will determine their next loop, with the intent to get back to the parking area by around 06:00. After returning, we will change into fresh clothing, and by around 06:30, head over to the Third Street Diner for a sit-down breakfast of your choice and expense (I highly recommend lotsa bacon), to include coffee, juice, and draft beer (they serve beginning at 06:00)!

Power-Hike: Mike Gholson & Michael George will head-up a power-hike at 4AM. Meet them at the same location and strap-on your power-hiking shoes!

Runner Support? TREMR will be fully self-supported! Unlike REMR from my home, I will not be dropping supplies along the course. Think about stocking your car with fluid and snacks for the re-fueling. And pack a back-up light source.

Safety: We take safety very seriously, and knowing the trails is the key to a safe and enjoyable run. It is incumbent upon you to know the trails! There will be no special course markings, no course marshals, and no one should come out if that can’t find their way out of the woods!

Groups: TREMR runs invariably break into small groups of 2-5 runners. But there is no guarantee that there will be anyone running your pace. The easy answer: Get a small group of your running peeps together and drag them down to TREMR! Yes, put together a small group and do something that you may never have done before, and may never do again.

Just think- Most people will be sleeping. The trails will be ours. Peaceful quiet will surround us! And besides, what else would you be doing between 2AM and 6AM? Sleeping is way over-rated! Running in the woods in the wee small hours of the morning is very special, and even more so when you’re sharing the experience! This is a great way to gain night running experience! It is a great way to prepare for a relay race or a hundred miler.

If you are thinking about running this TREMR but are just not certain, or have questions or concerns, try giving me a call at 804-651-5415 and we’ll talk about it. A text message probably won’t get it done.

Best, Mark

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