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Please Help Ben (the little guy running with me in my profile picture) Get to the Spartan World Championship this September!

How did we get here?

When Ben was 10 years old and picking up his bib for his 3rd Monument Avenue 10k, he saw a booth advertising a "Spartan Race", announcing "When I turn 14 (minimum age) I am going to run that."  Nodding as a parent does - I said ok, knowing the wants of a 10 year old would likely change.

The summer he turned 14, he declares "I am getting a job so I can pay to run in a Spartan Race" and he did.

Now, 3 summers and 15 Spartan Races later he ran in the Elite Heat for the WVA Super and his time qualified him for the Spartan World Championship in Lake Tahoe, CA on September 30, 2017.

With one child already in college, and Ben going next year, followed by his younger brother the following year, our finances are not such to pay for this opportunity; yet as parents we really do want him to be able to go.

As a minor he needs to attend with one parent (so in effect costs double).

We are asking for runners, friends, family and anyone able, to help him compete in this event.

We are not using this trip for a "vacation" we are planning on arriving on the 29th, and leaving after the race on the 30th. Race entry fee is covered already, funds are for transportation from VA to CA and lodging.

Any funds received in excess of our actual expenses we will be donated to  Christ In Action in support of Hurricane Harvey victims.

Please visit our GoFundMe and consider donating or sharing on Facebook

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