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USAT sets new weights for clydesdale's and athena's for 2013

thanks go out to swamp for this update. starting in 2013, clydesdale is 220+ and athena is 165+. the toy run wt's stay at 150 and 200 this year.

from the usat minutes from march 2012:

a. Athena/Clydesdale Weight Limit Proposed Change
Jack Weiss presented the committee with a draft of a resolution he had prepared
for the Board that would raise the weight minimum for Athena athletes from 150
to 165 pounds and for Clydesdale athletes from 200 to 220 pounds. Jack stated
that this increase in no way is being proposed in a derogatory context, but that
athletes today are bigger and stronger (and consequently heavier) than they were
in the past. In discussion, Jack also indicated that the RDC has already signed off
on this proposal.
Charlie Crawford indicated that he had no objection to the change, however, for
clarity he had suggested that the terms “Clydesdale” and “Athena” be changed in
the rule book to “Weight Classification Athletes”. This in no way would impact a
race directors desire to continue to use the former terms at their events.
Kathy Matejka stated that the RDC did not oppose the proposal and they believed
that the current weight minimums are on the light side. They did stipulate that the
weight increase be proportionate for men and women rather than a flat amount of
Molly Ann Smith forwarded by email to the committee an article appearing in the
LA Times on November 28, 2011 that discussed the weight gain of the average
American over the past 20 years, indicating that the average “self reported”
weight for men and women was 196 pounds and 160 pounds, respectively; an
increase of about 20 pounds in both sexes.
Age Group Committee Minutes
Conference Call of March 14, 2012
Page 2 of 4 pages
In discussion, the committee was concerned about the timing of this proposal
going into effect and Jack resubmitted the proposed policy with a January 1, 2013
effective date.
Following discussion, the following motion was made:
Motion: Kat Donatello/Ken Modica- That the proposed minimum weight changes
included in the draft resolution submitted by Jack Weiss be endorsed by this
committee at 165 pounds for women and 220 pounds for men and that this change
take effect on January 1, 2013.
Motion Carried: Unanimously

this update was courtesy of the swamp news service.

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Never saw the logic in Clyesdale, a breed of horse, male and female, while Athena a Greek goddest. Maybe should have been Atlas and Athena? Or Mare/Stallion? Now they go PC with Weight Class. atheletes? Maybe Weight Challenged? Would think a good many eliminated with new minimums. Wonder who the RDC is? Are they runners' equivilant to USAT?


RDC acronym - 80+ definitions from Remote Desktop Connection to Republic De Congo...........

maybe Race Directors Committee



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