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I know what you are thinking, 35k, 50k, that's a long race.  It is a long race, and it's a cold race, but for the volunteers, it's a really cold race.  Many thanks go to the folks who braved the balmy temps this weekend.

Dawn DiBenedetto
Noelle DiBenedetto
Ed Kelleher
Sam Lowe
Glenn Melton
Chris McReynolds
Rachael Orejana
Jason Walters
Larry Wegner
Gregg Whisler

Race Director: Kevin O'Connor

If you volunteered and I missed you please let me know.  If you're name is speeled in a whey  witch is rong, lemme know. (what's spell-check? :-/)


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Thank you to all volunteers for making this a really fun race!  The aid stations were such a nice respite from the MUD!

That's not a lot of volunteers to cover a race, even with the 150 or so limit.  I guess they get a break at the finish line due to the race lengths.  A Club salute to those volunteers.


May be that the 8 hour commitment scared a few off.   If more are needed (?), what about the idea of having some volunteers work in shifts, splitting up the course marshalling duties.  Just a suggestion, or maybe fine as is?



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