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When faced with waning daylight hours, what does the The Museum of Fine Arts Thursday Nite Running Group do?  It has its annual Winter Solstice Run!!!  So grab a headlamp or hand-held light source and come out this Thursday, 12-16-10, at 5:32pm and be part of the fun!!!  We park on and leave from Sheppard Street directly behind the Museum's parking structure.  We run over the Boulevard Bridge, the Buttermilk Trail, across Belle Isle, and take in the Christmas lights in the Fan on our way back to the Museum for a cookie exchange!!!  The group's pace in from 7-minute miles off the front to 9:30 in the conversational zone in the back. 


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Does this run replace the Christmas Light run that use to start at Savor and run through James Center and Fan?

This sounds fun.  Although, on Buttermilk in the dark with headlamps, I may the caboose at about a 10:15 pace. 

The posting was last year's.  This yearly Winter Solstice Run will take place on Thursday, 12-22-11, at 5:32pm.  The run starts and finishes on Sheppard street (Museum of Fine Arts run location), between the MFA parking structure and Benedictine School.  We run to and over The Boulevard Bridge, head east on the Butttermilk Trail, cross Belle Isle, then thru the fan for a running light tour.  Total distance is around 8.  Cookies will likely be consumed after the run, and maybe even a faction going to the Galaxy Diner for whatever!  This is a fun run, which is designed for anyone with a bit of off-road experience and a desire to have a lot of fun!  A road-pace of up to 9:30 is a good gage of if you can do this.  However, this is not a competative event, and did not come about as a replacement for any other run(s).  A headlamp or hand-held light source is mandatory.  Personal hydration is your call. 

Questions  Call  me:  Mark  651-5415 

Thanks for telling me about this yesterday Mark!  Am going to try and line up a fun distraction for the kiddies and come out and join you all!

put "An Xmas story" on the DVD player on repeat and give them some natural, soothing foods.  They won't notice that you're gone!!!

Seriously!!  Have a feeling if I did that I would come home to find all the gifts unwrapped and all the cookies eaten :-)  Of course, maybe with all the happy running endorphins I wouldn't mind!

I have yet to experience said endorphins.  I have felt the wall once.



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