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Team Wednesday Night Fan Run (Fan/Museum/Westhampton)


Team Wednesday Night Fan Run (Fan/Museum/Westhampton)

(RRRC Active Group as of 2015-02-02)

New Runners are always welcome. 
Team Wednesday Night (TWN) Fan Run is on Facebook and we have an email mailing list where we duplicate information. On Facebook, we manage communication through a facebook page rather than a group. Please go to this page and Like and Follow and Get Notifications for this page. We post the routes each week along with other TWN related items
If you don't use facebook and want want to be on the GMAIL mailing list, let us know.  If you have adds, deletes or updates for this mailing list, just send a reply with the information back to
We encourage you to also "Like"  Richmond Road Runners Club on Facebook.
Running Events around Richmond can be found on their website.

Team Wednesday Night (TWN) Fan Run
  • A social, running group.
  • Paces 8 mpm - 12 mpm
  • Ages 20's - 70s
  • You don't have to be training for a marathon or half-marathon to run with this group.   
  • During the months of June - Mid-November, we publish routes matching the MTT (Sportsbackers Marathon Training Team) Wednesday Novice and Intermediate mileage for that week.  The longest distance during these training months is 10 miles.  We continue to post routes December through May but offer no SAGS and generally run about 6 mile routes.
  • 6:15 pm Wednesdays  (start time changes announced in emails) with a 5 minute rule.  We wait 5 minutes after published start time to begin the run.
  • Monument and Boulevard -steps of First Baptist Church
  • Socializing (sit-down food and drink) often after the run at Ariana's at Park and Sheppard
  • We are not affiliated with the church so please do not use church parking.
  • We are not coaches and each runner is responsible for their own safety.
  • Please remember to verify the route (we do make mistakes) and bring your own copy.
  • Bring hydration even during scheduled SAG weeks.  SAGs are put out by volunteers and that costs money and time.   We appreciate their efforts.
  • Wear reflective gear during evening runs.
  • We are novice and intermediate runners having fun but we practice safety while we run.
  • We run on city streets with traffic flowing.  Run safely by warning others  with "Car Right, Car Left, Car Up, Car back" etc
  • Run against traffic but not in traffic.
  • Move to the left when "CAR UP"
  • Run 2 abreast at most
  • Respect our neighbors
This group was started in the Summer of 2006 by runners training with the Sportsbackers Marathon Training Team (MTT) but we are not officially affiliated with Sportsbackers or the Marathon Training Team other than to be listed on the MTT web site as a weekday group available for runs.   The Facebook group was added in July 2012 and removed in 2014.  A Facebook Page for the group was created in April 2014 at

Location: Richmond, VA
Members: 159
Latest Activity: Feb 7, 2016


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