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Mid 70s expected this evening.  Start with the usual warm-up, stretching, and striders followed by 4 times (800m at 5K race pace, 1 minute recovery, 800m at tempo/threshold pace, 1 minute recovery).  Finish with striders, a good cool-down, and stretching.  Have a good one!

Congratulations to Doug Fernandez who went 2:40 at Paris finishing second in the Veteran Men 2 division, and to Jerry Pesecki who finished Boston in 85 degree heat!!!

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Marvin, Shawn, Matthew, Dan, Amy, Charlie, and I did the workout tonight complete with striders.  It was a nice night in the park and the inch worms are finally disappearing.

Congratulations again to both Doug and Jerry!

Thank you all- I did in fact finished first, fair and square- the guy who appears as first is a cheater- who didn't even run a fraction of the race, who didn't have one split to show for along the course (and there were about 7 check points in the race), no photo or video either. The guy who got 4th, is such a dumb cheater that he cut across the course and his 25K split is 38 minutes, you figure how much he actually knows about running. I complained to the organization about this issue, as well as others, but they haven't done anything yet, to correct it. attached are the pictures of the guys who supposedly got 1st and 4th,  and I know that appearances sometimes deceive, but everyone who runs, knows that this is way to much to even give it a slim benefit of the doubt. You can judge for yourself whether these dudes can even keep those paces for even 1/4 mile . There were actually 3 yellow belly schlubs in the top 10 of the VH2 category who definitely did the Rosa Ruiz trick, went thru the start, then took the Paris subway system to the finish, without even breaking a sweat. 




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