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Mitzi Humphrey
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  • Midlothian, VA
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eileen 09/18/08 at 08:42 PM #1

I wrote a story about her for the upcoming Sportsbackers magazine in which she discusses this, but just wanted to send prayers and love and all positive hopes for recovery for Runner of the Year Mitzi Humphrey who just found out she has breast cancer.
Mitzi is so courageous and positive, she is inspirational.
A brilliant and talented woman who is co-founder of the renowned art6 gallery and highly recognized artist, Mitzi is also the most awarded female runner of the year in RRRC history, and she didn't even begin racing till age 65.
And if you know Mitzi, she is the kindest, most wonderful, dearest person, very loved by everyone in the Richmond Roadrunners.
Hope everyone's positive energies and thoughts her way will help her fight this and be a survivor.Love you, Mitzi.

Daniel Cunnane 09/18/08 at 09:01 PM #2


I am deeply saddened by this. She has only been caring and sweet towards me. It must be tough for her because her husband had heart problems when I first met her in about 2004 or 2005. You are in my prayers Mitzi! I think the Va Beach Komen run is in November and I will try to make it in her honor. My great grandmother died from this disease in the 1970s.

Rosie 09/18/08 at 09:34 PM #3

Mitzi - You are always a bright spot amidst a sea of nervous runners at the races. I am sending you positive energy and many prayers.

love mutts 09/19/08 at 04:46 AM #4

Dear Mitzi,

I am so devastated to hear this, please know you and Tom are in our thoughts and prayers, and you know you can call on us for ANYTHING at all. Much love and care,
Karen and Tommy Gammon

Joey 09/19/08 at 05:58 AM #5


My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God always be at your side.

Pacepony 09/19/08 at 11:37 AM #6

I can't say I know Mitzi personally, but I have seen her at many races, always smiling and offering encouragement to everyone. There are 4 breast cancer survivors in my life, and my grandmother died from this disease in 1981. Treatment has improved tremendously in the last 10 years, and the outlook is good, especially for someone who appears to have such a positive attitude. On October 3-5 I'm participating in the Washington DC Breast Cancer 3-Day, a 60-mile walk to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer. If anyone would like to make a donation in Mitzi's honor, please go to will have her in my thoughts as I walk, and look forward to hearing the happy news that she's completed her treatment with great success.Karyn Heebner

mitzi 09/19/08 at 04:05 PM #7

My note which prompted Eileen's announcement on this thread was originally included in a post related to Ed's request for website suggestions:

"I won't be running for a while as I have recently had surgery for breast cancer, will have another soon for axillary lymph node dissection, and will have radiation and probably chemotherapy as well.

Thanks so much to all you runners who participate in races to raise funds for breast cancer research. And, ladies, be sure to have that routine mammogram. Mine probably saved my life!"

. . . Since that first post a day or so ago, I now know that my second surgery is tentatively scheduled for October 13 at Massey Cancer Center. It is heartening to find all your kind words of encouragement on this post. Thank you so much for your expressions of concern and support.

My breast cancer experience seems to be coinciding with a number of races to support both cancer research and breast cancer awareness. The progress in cancer imaging diagnostic tools and toward finding a cure has been amazing since my first biopsy and mammogram in the '70's.

Even though I can't run again for a while, I certainly intend to support the races such as the ones Daniel and Karyn are running by giving a donation. Incidences of breast cancer are on the rise--one statistic I read was 1 in 9 women will have it. The survival rate, however, has greatly improved.

My prognosis is excellent because I caught a Stage I invasive cancer early. Even earlier would have been even better! The statistics seem to show what we already know---that there are too many carcinogenic toxins in our environment. More emphasis should be placed on PREVENTION such as eliminating/regulating environmental and food toxins, doing breast self-examination, and having regular mammograms in conjunction with an annual physical exam.

Good health to all,
Cherish it, and enjoy running!

Mitzi Humphrey

Pete 09/19/08 at 10:30 PM #8

You are in our thoughts. We wish you the best of luck. We are currently supporting two walkers in different cities for the 60 milers for breast cancer and we will be thinking of you as they complete their walks. I have trouble imagining the effort that such an endeavor requires, but it is easy to understand the where the commitment comes from.

MyKemp 09/21/08 at 04:26 PM #9

Mitzi, like the some of the others have said, I don't know you personally, but I know your face. I always appreciate seeing you out at races weather you are running, or just there to cheer people on (or both as is often the case).

My Mom went through this almost exactly a year ago. Much like running, it's a journey. I'm happy to say that my Mom recovered. She'll soon be coming up on her one year anniversary. If she can do it, I know you can too.

Keep your chin up, and stay strong.

Ellie Basch 09/22/08 at 09:54 PM #10

We're sorry to learn the news. You are in our thoughts and prayers. An amazing woman that you are, your post was right-on the spot. Screening and prevention. I'm calling in the appt. that I have been putting off for a couple months: my first mammo.
Thank you Mitzi.

ellie and tony

Daniel Cunnane 09/24/08 at 12:42 PM #11


The Virginia Beach Race for the Cure is October 18th at 31st and Pacific. I did not see a start time on the website but I heard on WHRO this morning it was a 9am gun. Any Richmonders (or other RRRC members) are welcome to stay at my Larchmont apartment the night before.

mitzi 09/25/08 at 05:18 AM #12

Eileen, I feel so excited and honored that Maureen Ackerly has invited you and me and Margaret to join the planning committee for the Massey Cancer Center.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful running weather. I walked two laps of the trail at Huguenot Park yesterday . . . baby steps, not swinging my arms.


mitzi 09/25/08 at 05:44 AM #13


Thank you so much for your note.

I'd like to talk to you sometime about food options for cancer patients.

I'm a vegetarian who now shouldn't eat soy because my cancer is classified as estrogen-receptive and soy is a phytoestrogen. This is frustrating because so many of the burger, hot dog, and other food products I like are soy-based.

I've also been lectured by my daughters that I should strive to eat strictly organic foods, so I am finding fewer and fewer foods that meet the guidelines. It has also been suggested that I cut back on dairy products. This is hard to do because I love cheese, milk, and eggs and was eating them to help with overcoming severe osteoporosis. I'd love to be a locavore as described in Barbara Kingsolver's Vegetable, Animal, Miracle, but my attempts at a vegetable garden this summer were not very successful.

Your restaurant SAVOR is wonderful, and I look forward to eating there again. Also, I enjoy your comments in the SAVOR newsletter.

Best wishes,

mitzi 09/25/08 at 07:24 AM #14


It is so generous of you to offer lodging for runners in the Virginia Beach Race for the Cure. Thank you for your support.


Daniel Cunnane 09/25/08 at 09:06 AM #15


No problem. I never entertained at my parents house and it is something I like to do. I do not have any friends or family schedule that weekend. Unfortunately, I may just be volunteering the 18th of October. I have recently torn yet another piece of cartlidge in my recently repaired right knee.


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"In her long-awaited new book, seven years in the making, Laura Hillenbrand writes with the same rich and vivid narrative voice she displayed in her blockbuster bestseller, Seabiscuit.  Telling an unforgettable story of a man’s journey into extremity, Unbroken is a testament to the resilience of the human mind, body, and spirit."

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At 3:56pm on August 2, 2010, Lee9w said…
NO problem Mitzi. I'll add your credit for Ashland RR run - 2pts. I take it all else was okay from the Q2 results of the GP standings?
At 1:01pm on July 31, 2010, Lisa A. Childress said…

Great seeing you today!! Wish I was able to talk to you longer. You looked great as always and always have a smile ready for everyone:) Hope things go well for the gallery. Maybe I'll see you at the Moonlight 4 Miler in a few weeks. Take care and stay in touch!!!

Lisa C
(The Dudette)
At 10:52pm on July 29, 2010, Eileen said…
Mitzi, your beautiful words choked me up with such gratitude to you and moved me because this image of a chain of angels on earth was so comforting to envision. What you said gave me serenity and inner peace, comfort that all will be okay. I love you so much dearest friend.
At 8:57pm on July 29, 2010, Eileen said…
Dear Mitzi, It is all thanks to you. I do believe you are the Miracle and the life saver. A hard road ahead with much uncertainty, but you got the ball rolling faster to make a miracle. With time so crucial, you saved us.
You are the Angel, and I love you so much, so very, very grateful to you.
At 8:25pm on July 29, 2010, Eileen said…
Dear Beloved Mitzi,
You are my angel and hero. It is because of you and your recommendation there is hope for a miracle. You have been so kind and giving while you have so much of your own worries and challenges right now. Thank you with all my heart, dearest friend.
And wishing all the wonderful, positive outcome, best, and blessings for you in your life and also saving your gallery. I love you with all my heart.
At 6:12pm on June 6, 2010, Lisa A. Childress said…

It was a pleasure as usual working with you at the finish line:) Hope you found a nice cool and shady spot to spend the afternoon:) Look forward to seeing you again soon. Take care.

At 9:40pm on May 16, 2010, Lisa A. Childress said…

Glad you had a good run:) Think everyone was running out of steam at the end:). I'm going to run the Autism 5K race on the 29th and hopefully volunteer for the Stratford Hills race in June. My sidekick will be with me to help out:) Look forward to seeing you and working with you at Stratford Hills:) Have a great week!!

At 9:25pm on May 16, 2010, Lisa A. Childress said…

So glad to see you at the race today:) You were looking good:) Hope you had a good run. It was a tough one with the heat/humidity:) I was looking for you at the finish, but missed you. Take care and hope you have a great week!!

At 8:14pm on May 7, 2010, Lisa A. Childress said…

Thank you for the kind words. I just added your friend to my collection of names:) Will be "hooping & hollering" in support for all you gals tomorrow:)

Lisa C
At 8:42am on May 7, 2010, Lisa A. Childress said…

I'm walking in the Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday and wanted to know if it was okay with you if I wrote your name on the Honor/Celebration bib we can wear. The past few years I've honored those that I know by doing this and last year it was more personal because my aunt had been diagnosed. She just past her 1 year anniversary and all her scans are clean. Yah!!! The Komen race is a great cause and is a way for everyone to show support for all you wonderful, strong, vibrant, survivors.

Lisa C
At 7:35pm on April 18, 2010, Lisa A. Childress said…

No problem with you leaving the race when you did. We all thought that the last 5K runner had finished, but we didn't realize that they were a bunch of walkers. They came in close to an hour later. It made it interesting at the finishing line because some of the 15K runners were mixed in with the 5K walkers and then there was the street sweeper and water truck blocking part of the road. Quite the drama for a race:)

And, it appears that my alternate identity "Dudette" has been discovered:) I haven't been involved in any message board discussions lately:) Also, Zachary had a great time volunteering on Saturday. He talked about it all the way home. He said that sometimes when he put his hand up to point the direction to the runners, they would give him a high five. He liked that best:). He is excited to volunteer for another event and to work with Mr. Guzzi:) Hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing you at Careytown!

At 1:16pm on April 18, 2010, Lisa A. Childress said…

It was a pleasure to work with you at the Crossover race yesterday:). I took over writing down the "straggler" numbers for the 5K, but think I switched numbers around when I wrote them down. Think I will stick to calling out numbers in future:). I'm so glad that you are doing well:) Looking forward to seeing you at other races either in the volunteering capacity or as a running participant:) Take care!!

Lisa C
At 8:40pm on October 25, 2009, Lisa A. Childress said…

Hang in there with your treatments. Sounds like you've been having a tough go of it recently. Hope you can get back to doing the things you love soon, like running:) Sending you lots of positive vibes your way!!

Best Wishes,
Lisa Childress
(aka F.O.E.-Friend of Eileen)
At 9:13am on October 4, 2009, Leslie Millman said…
Hi Mitzi,
The Capitol race was fun and we saw Tim there too!
Jay was a reluctant runner but signing him up proved to be the big motivator for training. The whole family (all 5 of us) is doing the 8k again in Nov. Hope to see you there if not before then! Please say "Hello" to your wonderful husband for me too-it was always fun to run behind him and my dad and listen to their great conversations on those long runs!
Leslie :)
At 9:12am on July 31, 2009, Running Goddess said…
Hi Mitzi,

I enjoyed our luncheon as well. You are such a remarkable person. I look forward to seeing you at the different races and I hope we can do lunch again sometime soon.

At 8:45am on July 14, 2009, Renee Taylor said…
Hi Mitzi!
Just thought that you should know that the announcement of your win last night garnered quite the applause!! You had already gone by the time they announced your name, but everyone there cheered loudly!! Great to see you again! See you next week!!
At 10:51am on July 7, 2009, Renee Taylor said…
It was a pleasure meeting you as well, Mitzi! It is so much fun to come out to these events and meet all the wonderful runners. I've found that the running community in Richmond is full of nice, caring individuals, such as yourself, and I'm happy to know you!
See you next week!
At 5:23pm on March 16, 2009, Tonya said…
Thank you for your comment and friend request! I have read about you on this site and you're truly and inspiration!
At 8:32am on March 16, 2009, nc2va said…
Hi! glad it was helpful! it's so great to learn from each other...
hope you have a great week!
At 4:46pm on February 25, 2009, Eileen said…
Thank you so very much for lunch at Caturra's! I had such a wonderful time with you!!
Thank you--the salad was exquisite and delicious and the chocolate cookie--heavenly!! And mostly, the company was the best in the world!
Mitzi, you are brilliant, fun, interesting, delightful, gracious, uplifting, and JOY!
I had such a great time. We need to do longer next time. Time with you is truly enjoyable because you are the most fantastic in the world!
Lots of love and deepest thanks to you for everything!!


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