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RRRC Coro-na-sac 5K Series

We're keeping it real with our virtual replacement for the RRRC Cul-de-sac 5K Series.

We want you to test yourself in the hot, humid, end-of-the-day conditions that you all love with the Cul-de-sac 5Ks.

You'll run or walk your three 5Ks (3.1 miles) on Monday evenings (July 6, July 13, & July 20) between 7 and 9 PM.

Just like at Cul-de-sac, you'll know that you're not doing these races alone. Your fellow runners and walkers will be doing their 5Ks in the same conditions those same evenings. Yes, you can do your 5K with a small group, just maintain that 6-feet spacing.


As a RRRC member, you sign up for $30.00 out-of-pocket, which includes: 

  • Registration for all three phases of the Coro-na-sac 5K Series.
  • $10.00 RRRC member discount.
  • Your $5.00 donation to Feed More in exchange for an additional $5.00 discount on your registration.
  • Purchase of a Coro-na-sac 5K race shirt. (Shirt purchase is optional.)
  • Processing fee.

If you finish and submit your times for all three 5Ks, you'll be eligible for:

  • Awards for the fastest finishers in several categories across all three races.
  • Random selection for other awards.
We encourage you to join in the spirit of running together as a club and running community on these Monday evenings in July.

RRRC member Keira D'Amato runs a 15:04 5,000m time trial

Story by Alison Wade in Fast Women weekly email, June 15, 2020, Issue 76
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There are a lot of time trials happening right now, some publicized, some not, but Keira D’Amato’s 15:04 5,000m on Sunday was one of the most impressive ones I’ve seen yet. Because D’Amato, 35, has followed a less traditional path through the sport, it’s easy to think that her performances this year, including her 15th place finish at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in February, are coming out of nowhere. But if you look at who she kept up with back in her college days at American University (for example, she beat Molly Huddle, Shannon Rowbury, and Amy Cragg at the 2005 NCAA Cross Country Championships), it’s no surprise that she’s excelling now.

But still, going into Sunday’s time trial, which you can watch here, D’Amato’s 5,000m personal best was 16:07, so her 15:04 was a big leap. D’Amato had a male pacer, so even if this had been an official meet, the time wouldn’t have counted. But she proved that she’s on a different level than she was the last time she raced this event. She hit splits of 4:53, 4:52, and 4:46. Had this been an official race, the time not only would have qualified her for the Olympic Trials, it’s also faster than the Olympic qualifying standard of 15:10.

Around the time D’Amato was running her time trial, I was listening to this podcast episode with Obsie Birru. (It’s good, I recommend it, and she comes on around the 11:20 mark.) Birru talked about the misconception within the elite running world that if running isn’t your full-time job, you can’t be successful. Both she and D’Amato, along with others, are disproving that.

No Thanks Dad 5K this year

RRRC has decided to cancel the Thanks Dad 5K this year. We will not offer a virtual event as a replacement.  

We do encourage you to run on Father's Day in memory of Pete Neal and to think about and honor all of the fathers, grandfathers, and father figures in your life.

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Virginia Governor's Executive Order 65 (2020) and Order of Public Health Emergency 6

This Executive Order is effective June 5, 2020 for Virginia's "Phase Two easing of certain temporary restrictions due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) excluding the City of Richmond and the Northern Virginia Region."

We're sharing relevant excerpts that guide decisions on club races and training programs.


13. Recreational Sports

Indoor and outdoor recreational sports activities are permitted, provided participants and organizers of recreational sports activities comply with the Guidelines for All Business Sectors and the sector-specific guidelines for recreational sports expressly incorporated by reference herein. Such guidance includes, but is not limited to, the following requirements:

a. Ten feet of physical distance must be maintained by all instructors, participants, and spectators, with the exception of incidental contact or contact between members of the same household. This applies during instruction and practice and during competitive events. Competition that involves close contact with other athletes must be avoided.

b. The total number of attendees (including both participants and spectators) of outdoor recreational sports cannot exceed the lesser of 50% of the occupancy load of the venue, if applicable, or 50 persons. For sports played on a field, attendees are limited to 50 persons per field.


2. All Public And Private In-Person Gatherings

All public and private in-person gatherings of more than 50 individuals are prohibited. The presence of more than 50 individuals performing functions of their employment is not a “gathering.” A “gathering” includes, but is not limited to, parties, celebrations, or other social events, whether they occur indoors or outdoors.

A few words from your RRRC Officers

These are challenging times.

We will do our best to continue to engage and connect runners and walkers in the RVA community. We'll be using email and social media to stay in touch. As needed, we'll put on other low-cost virtual events to help keep us all motivated to stay physically active. 

We will work with our race directors to continue the behind-the-scenes planning for upcoming RRRC races so we all can gather on the roads and trails again when that is allowed. Those races may open for sign up later than usual and may be low-frill, but we plan to be ready.

We thank the wise leadership of RRRC over years past. RRRC established and has maintained a healthy financial reserve that will allow this organization to weather these uncertain times. 

We encourage you to stay physically active. We're preaching to the choir, but you know that running and other forms of physical activity offer untold benefits to our own and our communities' well-being.