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Miles and Minutes - July - August Issue available

View our latest award winning Miles and Minutes issue here:

Editor's Letter

We’re approaching the time of the year –at least, the time of this

year –that runners might actually enjoy taking a back seat to cyclists.

The 2015 UCI Road World Cycling Championships –the

“Worlds” –will be held here Sept.19-27, and for nine days Richmond

will become the center of the cycling universe. About 1,000

top-level cyclists from more than 70 countries will flock here

to compete, and we should welcome them warmly.

This is a rare opportunity to show off the man-made and

natural features of metro Richmond, from its cobblestones

to its urban riverside park system. It’s the first time in 29

years the Worlds are being held in the U.S., and –like the

Olympics –cyclists will be competing for the glory of their

respective nations, not for their pro teams.

Many in the running community will be volunteering

during the competition. We stand reminded that running

and cycling are cousins –related by a common goal of

maintaining peak physical health and enjoying that pursuit.

A number of articles in this issue of Miles and Minutes

underline the closeness of that relationship. Michelle

Baltz (page 16) writes about the many benefits of crosstraining

–adding biking, yoga, weights and other fitness

techniques to achieve a bikini-ready body. Physical therapist

Damien Howell (page 17) goes a step farther. He cites experts

who say performing an activity the exact same way, day in and

day out, puts a load on the same tissue, thereby increasing

the risk of overuse injury. The solution? Cross-training, and

working different muscle groups by varying your routine.

Don Garber (Page 8) tells about eight teams that recently

ran the Virginia Capital Trail to help determine the feasibility

of staging relay races once the trail is completed. (Garber

notes wryly that while the trail will be a great attraction for

cyclists, its name is not the Virginia Capital Bike Trail. It’s

for runners, too.)

Lastly, Becky Seidel (Page 9) writes about two Sports Backers

events planned in tandem with the bicycle races. “Dominion

Conquer the Cobbles” will feature a chance for runners and

amateur cyclists (separate events on separate nights) to ride or

run the same course the pro cyclists will tackle.

So, in September, let’s run on down –or ride our bikes –to cheer on our cycling cousins who represent the best in the game.

Ed Kelleher | Editor

2015 RRRC Summer Track Series New Location and Schedule!



AT University Of Richmond Track (NEW LOCATION)

June 17 - August 5


The Richmond Road Runners Club & Road Runner Running Store

2015 RRRC Summer Track Series details

(click the lick for the document)

June 17, June 24, July 1, July 15, July 29, August 5

Registration will start at 6:00 pm, with all participants responsible for providing their registration forms at the starting line or to the meet Director prior to their first event.  Events will start no later than 6:30 pm in the order indicated above.  Participants will need to be in the starting area when first call is announced, in order to receive heat assignments.  The time between events will be determined by the number of participants.  "Predict Your Time Mile" winner is the entrant closest to their prediction, no watches!


  • NO spikes longer than ¼ inch allowed on the Track


Upcoming RRRC Events


Cul de Sac Series, Pony Pasture, Moonlight and Patrick Henry Half are all open for Registration!!

See details in our list of events below.

See also Volunteer opportunities in the upper left hand corner of this page.

RRRC Constitution Amendment Vote in June

Following RRRC Constitution Article 7,  RRRC will be holding a vote in which all members can vote on proposed constitutional amendments during the June Board meeting and a subsequent confirmation vote at the July meetings.

Please follow this link Proposed RRRC Constitution Changes to view the proposed amendments.

The meeting schedule can be found on the Events listing the page you are viewing.


AMENDMENTS: Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws may be proposed at any Club meeting if notice of the purpose of the meeting and text of the proposed amendment has been provided to members at least twenty-five days in advance of the meeting.  To be effective, amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present and confirmed by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the next succeeding regular Club meeting.  Notice shall be given for both meetings in the same manner as prescribed for notice of meetings in the By-Laws.  Amendments shall be proposed by a vote of the Board of Directors on its own motion, or on written request of any ten members of the Club.  

RRRC Upcoming Featured Events and Training Teams

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RRRC either Administers or provides some type of Race Service for all of these races.

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Many, many other community races and running events not affiliated with RRRC can be found on the Community Calendar

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