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Stratford Hills 10k Next Sunday!

Stratford Hills 10k is Open for Racers and Volunteers
The Stratford Hills 10k is open!!5/24/2015
Race Details and Registration: RRRC Stratford Hills 10k
Volunteer Registration: Stratford Hills 10K Volunteers

RRRC 2015 Scholarship Application now available

All applications and documentation must be received on or before midnight, May 30, 2015.

Please see details on our RRRC Scholarship Page

RRRC Constitution Amendment Vote in June

Following RRRC Constitution Article 7,  RRRC will be holding a vote in which all members can vote on proposed constitutional amendments during the June Board meeting and a subsequent confirmation vote at the July meetings.

Please follow this link Proposed RRRC Constitution Changes to view the proposed amendments.

The meeting schedule can be found on the Events listing the page you are viewing.


AMENDMENTS: Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws may be proposed at any Club meeting if notice of the purpose of the meeting and text of the proposed amendment has been provided to members at least twenty-five days in advance of the meeting.  To be effective, amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present and confirmed by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the next succeeding regular Club meeting.  Notice shall be given for both meetings in the same manner as prescribed for notice of meetings in the By-Laws.  Amendments shall be proposed by a vote of the Board of Directors on its own motion, or on written request of any ten members of the Club.  

Miles and Minutes May June Issue Out Now!

Check it out

  • President’s Message
  • Up & Running with Joel Morgan
  • Club News
  • Volunteers
  • Donations Help Grow Kids’ Running Groups in Richmond Area!
  • A New Beer Sponsorship for Sports Backers
  • Who’s The Real Winner Here?
  • Why Trails?
  • Nutrition: Run away from the scale during training
  • The RRRC Advanced 10K Training Program: Why join?
  • My 29 minutes and 12 seconds of fame
  • Graston Technique
  • Unspoken Thoughts Revealed
  • Health & Wellness: Facing a chronic problem?
  • Group Runs
  • Club & Race Calendar
  • Merchant Discounts

RRRC Upcoming Featured Events and Training Teams

For details of a specific race, click on each event below or see the full calendar at RRRC Event Calendar.

RRRC either Administers or provides some type of Race Service for all of these races.

For some of these, volunteers are needed. Please see our Volunteer information at Volunteer Details

Many, many other community races and running events not affiliated with RRRC can be found on the Community Calendar

Races marked as RRRC Championship are explained at RRRC Championship Details

RRRC New Runners Program Begins April 7

RRRC is starting a running program for new runners - people just getting started or re-started with running.  This program will start in April 2015 and last 8 weeks.  The first run is a mile +/- (and if you need to start as a walk/run, that's OK).  At the end, participants will have the option to complete a local 5K race!   More details can be found via the link below.

2015 Grand Prix - 2nd Quarter Results

How to read the spreadsheet

  • Look for your name and be sure of 2 things, first that your name is spelled correctly, and second that your age group is correct.
  • There are 3 columns for each club race. If you RAN the race, you will have a 1 in the first column. If you PLACED in the race the second column will have the additional points you earned (if you placed first in your AG, 1 + 5 = 6 [6 is the total points for placing first in your AG]).  If there is a number in the third column, that means you have volunteered for that race.
  • Column P is your Race Credit column. That tallies the number of club races you have run
  • Column K is for TOTAL points which includes volunteering (in all its forms) and racing.
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