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Club Competitions

RRRC offers members two types of annual competition.


Grand Prix Competition

Members participating in the Grand Prix accumulate points based on race participation, race finish positions, volunteering, and providing other service to the Club.

Grand Prix 2020 Standings (live spreadsheet)

Grand Prix Rules 2020

Message from your Grand Prix Poobahs on April 6, 2020

Greetings Grand Prix and Iron Runner Competitors!

I hope all of you are well and social distancing on your runs!.

We will endeavour to update the sheet in a timely manner going forward and send emails when the sheet is updated and what was updated will be in the email.  Please report any issues with any of that data only within 30 days of the sent email.  Nothing will be changed with that data after one month. Since the sheet is live all the time and the competition is free with some awesome prizes, it is incumbent on the competitors to keep an eye on their points.  Changes after a month are unfair to competitors that are keeping an eye on their stuff.  Also, since the sheet is live it is easy to keep track of your closest competitors and this will lead to a more spirited competition.

Accordingly the sheet has been updated with everything through the March Board Meeting.  You will have one month from today to let us know of any missing points or corrections necessary since January 1, 2020.

Some important changes for this year:

Covid 19. If we miss more than 3 races (even with a virtual race component) due to Covid 19 the Iron Runner portion will be cancelled. The Grand Prix Competition will be cancelled if we miss more than 6 races ( even with a virtual race replacement.)  The club will make every effort to turn canceled Club races into virtual races.  Virtual Club Races will count as a Club Race point for completing them, but no placement point can be awarded as they are self report.  You must self report within the time period allotted or you will not get the point. The hope is that we will have contract events for you to volunteer for in the future as you will still need to volunteer for one to have a shot at GP Finalist or Iron Runner, but if we can't secure enough contract races to volunteer at that could impact the GP and Iron Runner Competitions as well.  As always, if you need a point for anything and the signup is full, please show up and make sure you sign in on the pre-printed sheet that the Volunteer Coordinator will have, or if need be, email and let us know immediately.  That said, we can't have 200 people show up to volunteer at one contract race.

One final note on Covid-19. This is obviously a fluid situation - Federal and State guidelines are changing daily.  As such RRRC and GP Competition will do their best to put on races, virtual races and contract races - but we can make no guarantees that we can or will be allowed to.  We want to keep all of our members and  runners safe and will be following any applicable guidelines for your and our safety.  So while we want and hope that we will have a lively competition and will do all in our power to make it so, circumstances beyond our control could cause it to be cancelled entirely.

Aging up. We have put formulas in the spreadsheet to fix this issue.  If your age will end in 0 or 5 by the end of this year, then you will age up into a new age group in the competition.  Accordingly there is now a formula in the spreadsheet that will automatically move you into the new age group.  For example, in my case I will age up in September.  I will earn points in the 50-54 age group for all races prior to my birthday.  After my birthday, if I compete in a race, my previous points will be carried over to the 55-59 age group and I will begin earning points in that age group and finish out the competition in that age group and win any awards or ranking within that age group at year end.

Volunteering. Please use RunSignUp to sign up to volunteer for races.  All of our race both Club and Contract volunteer spots can be signed up for online at our website This allows the onsite Volunteer Coordinator to print out the sheet beforehand and merely check off people as they check in.  If you show up to volunteer and have not pre registered, that's fine - just LEGIBLY write and sign your name on the sheet.  This way we can make sure you get credit.  If we can't read it, we can't give you credit for volunteering! 

The link to the GP 2020 Live Sheet is above.  Bookmark this link as it will not change. You have 30 days to address any discrepancies from today.  As always, just email with any comments, corrections or concerns!

Thank you and happy running!

Suzi & Ralph, your Grand Prix Poobahs 

Club Championship Races

Each year several Club races are designated RRRC Championship events.

For 2020, the races will be: Frostbite 15K, Carytown 10K, Pony Pasture 5K, and Poop Loop 4ish Miler.

Club Championship Rules

Club Race Champions 2019

5K Champions - Pony Pasture 5K

  • Open: John Sharp & Maggie Drazba
  • Masters: Jason Dowdy & Tressa Breindel
  • Veterans: Jim Carter & Debbie Goodpasture

10K Champions - Carytown 10K

  • Open: David McCollum & Tressa Breindel
  • Masters: Jason Dowdy & Rachel Wheeler Northup
  • Veterans: Stefan Calos & Karen McClintick

 15K Champions - Frostbite 15K

  • Open: Trevor Hopper & Teal Burrell
  • Masters: Kevin Burcham & Tressa Breindel 
  • Veterans: William Dinkin & Victoria Harness

10 Mile Champions - Bear Creek 10 Mile Trail Run

  • Open: Jason Driscoll & Tressa Breindel
  • Masters: Michael Spinos & Lasley Brocato
  • Veterans: Marty Stiegman & DeeDee Karanian

Club Race Champions for 2017 & 2018