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Club Competitions

RRRC offers members two types of annual competition.


Grand Prix Competition

Members participating in the Grand Prix accumulate points based on race participation, race finish positions, volunteering, and providing other service to the Club.

Grand Prix Standings 2019

Grand Prix Rules 2019


Club Championship Races

Each year several Club races are designated RRRC Championship events. For 2019, the races are: Frostbite 15K, Carytown 10K, Pony Pasture 5K, and Bear Creek 10 Mile Trail Run. 

Club Championship Rules

Club Race Champions 2018

5K Champions - Pony Pasture 5K

  • Open: Jason Driscoll & Kiera D'Amato
  • Masters: Jason Dowdy & Maria Elena Calle
  • Veterans: Doug Fernandez & Terri Gerloff

10K Champions - Carytown 10K

  • Open: Richard Morris & Gabi Wechsler
  • Masters: Jason Dowdy & Kristin Jacobs
  • Veterans: Doug Fernandez & Amber Rader

 15K Champions - Frostbite 15K

  • Open: Andrew Benfer & Keira D'Amato
  • Masters: Jason Dowdy & Debbie Good pasture
  • Veterans: Doug Fernandez & Terri Gerloff

10 Mile Champions - Bear Creek 10 Mile Trail Run

  • Open: Emmett Saulnier & Rylan Pearsall 
  • Masters: Jason Dowdy & Kate Gardner
  • Veterans: Doug Fernandez & Cheryl Shaw