Club Competitions

Grand Prix Competition

Members participating in the free Grand Prix competition accumulate points based on race participation, race finish positions, volunteering, and other services to the Club.

Grand Prix 2023 Rules


Grand Prix 2022 Live Point Sheet

Grand Prix 2023

We anticipate that COVID-19 will continue to impact RRRC races into 2023. We hope to host many of our club races in person. Still, each race will have a virtual option if local or state directives require limits on participation or continue to recommend wearing masks and social distancing. For example, if a 2023 Grand Prix club race cannot be held in person, RRRC will host a virtual race. 
RRRC will have the Grand Prix (GP) and Iron Runner competitions in 2023. We will cancel the Iron Runner Competition if we miss more than three in-person GP club races. If we miss more than six in-person GP club races, we will cancel the GP Competition. 
Participation in a virtual club race will earn 1 GP point for finishing the race, but no placement points will be awarded because the times are self-reported. Therefore, you must self-report your race completion time within the time allotted by the race, or you will not get the point. 
We hope to have contract events in 2023 to allow volunteers to meet the contract race volunteer requirement for GP Finalist and Iron Runner. However, if we don't secure enough contract races to provide volunteer opportunities, there may impact on the GP and Iron Runner Competitions.

If you have any questions about these changes, please email